Johannes Luis Schmid

Johannes Schmid – Founder and CEO

Johannes is a passionate leader with a strong ability to create the vision and strategic direction of a company. Johannes has 6 years of experience as a CEO of  young, dynamic, fast growing companies. In the recent years he has successfully started 3 companies and generated more than 20 Mio. EUR in Revenue. The first, founded in 2014 and sold in 2017. The second company, FLSK which he co-founded in 2015 is a strong growing sustainable hydration consumer product brand. Presently, Johannes is a shareholder and member of the board.  The third company BREATHE ORGANICS is a european cannabis venture with a clear vision to change the way we see and feel about cannabis and the clear goal to make a meaningful positive impact on the millions of cannabis consumers within the european union.

Johannes is a passionate and visionary leader focusing on people and strategic execution of the vision of the company. Johannes gained strong leadership experience over the last years in his companies with a clear focus on Consumer Products and Trends as well as Digital Business Models. Johannes has excellent communication skills with a clear focus on managing expectations among all stakeholders. Strong strategic focus and vision, able to build and implement meaningful operations with strong execution. Johannes is a self starting, self-motivating and goal oriented risk taker, sets clear expectations and targets and leads by example. Johannes believes in „Team first“  and has a strong ability to inspire others and motivate them to follow his vision.

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