Johannes Luis Schmid

Johannes Schmid – Founder and CEO

Johannes is a passionate leader with a strong ability to create the vision and strategic direction of a company. Johannes has 8 years of experience as a CEO of  young, dynamic, fast growing companies. In the recent years he has successfully started 3 companies and generated more than 30 Mio. EUR in Revenue.  His current Venture BREATHE ORGANICS is a european cannabis start-up with a clear goal to change the way we see and feel about cannabis and the clear mission to make a meaningful positive impact on the millions of cannabis consumers within the european union.

Johannes is focusing on people and strategic execution of the vision of the company. Johannes gained strong leadership experience over the last years in his companies with focus on Consumer Products and Trends as well as Digital Business Models. Johannes has excellent communication skills with a clear focus on managing expectations among all stakeholders. Strong strategic focus and vision, able to build and implement meaningful operations with powerful execution. Johannes is a self starting, self-motivating and goal oriented risk taker, sets clear expectations and targets and leads by example. Johannes believes in „Team first“  and has a strong ability to inspire others and motivate them to follow his vision.

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+49 (89) 890 858 27 | 10-17h

Gollierstrasse 70 F | 80339 München