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How to use?

1. Open the bottle

2. Gently squeeze the bottle and fill it in your e cigarette

Q & A

Breathe Organics general information

Our premium e-liquids are manufactured in our laboratory in Germany and undergo high quality controls. Hence, we only use 100% natural ingredients made from certified suppliers from Germany. Additionally, we closely monitor the concentrations of ingredients and formulations, using the latest laboratory technology (GC / MS and LC / MS). To guarantee an intense level of taste, our natural aromas are stored for weeks to come to maturity till the perfect taste has been developed. The result is a liquid that provides a distinctive natural taste paired with an excellent steam development.

Of course, you can, HERE is a list of all our merchants. What if there is none anywhere close to you but you know a shop that would be ideal for our products? Let’s just say we give great rewards for successful suggestions.

Or do you have a store and the desire to introduce the natural e liquids to your city? We would absolutely love that! The terms and contact details for our sales team can be found HERE.

Even though our products do not contain any harmful or addictive substances, Breathe Organics is a product solely intended for adults and therefore we will verify that none of our buyers is under 18.

You are safe with us. We only use substances of which we know for certain that they won’t have any negative effects on your health! We exclusively use 100% organic ingredients for our natural e liquids, all of which have been sourced in Germany. All ingredients are thoroughly checked for their harmlessness in Germany and are only used for “Breathe Organics”. No negative impact of any sort can be found in the human body. Furthermore, we don’t use the controversial chemical propylene glycol for diffusion. Since its effect on the human respiratory tract when inhaling it has not been extensively researched, we found an innovative and different way to produce the steam through purely plant-based substances. Therefore, the “Breathe-Organic” liquids are 100% non-toxic. No propylene glycol, no diacetyl, no nicotine, and no chemicals. Simply and only 100% natural ingredients that have been reviewed and certified in Germany.

A lot of people think that glycerin is a chemical substance just like the propylene glycol alginate. However, this does not stretch the truth. Glycerin is a natural sugar alcohol. It can be found in all-natural fats or fatty oils as a so-called fatty acid ester and plays a central role as an intermediate in various metabolic processes. It is also used as a food additive. One property of glycerin used in e-cigarettes is that it develops white vapor by the action of heat. You know this steam from your e-liquids. Otherwise the heated steam would not be visible. Glycerol is also required as a carrier of the flavors. Due to the natural properties of glycerin, it is suitable for dissolving plant-based (fat-soluble) aromas and essences in it, thus making it vape able. At “Breathe-Organics”, however, we do not use any so-called “fatty oils” in our liquids. These can develop harmful substances when heated and are used in many conventional liquids.

Q & A

Breathe-organics CBD liquids

The cannabis plant contains substances called cannabinoids. The two best-known cannabinoids are the notorious tetrahydrocannabinol for short THC and the lesser-known cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Researchers found that the two substances individually act differently and even perform as antagonists. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and does not alter the perception of consciousness. Moreover, CBD is commonly known for its positive and relaxing effect on the body.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. Studies indicate that the substance is used in medicine. If you believe reports about this controversial substance, it should be anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic. As already mentioned, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it has no impairment or mind-altering effect on the body. For this reason, CBD is absolutely harmless and thus also 100% legal.

CBD is derived and extracted from the hemp plant. The simplest form of extraction is extraction by solution methods. The flower is dissolved in oil, CO2 or other substance and will be extracted under pressure. What remains is the pure CBD in crystal form.

CBD is available in different dosages. From 0mg to 1000mg or higher everything is there. Generally, there is no rule of thumb for the right dosage. Everyone must find out and set their own dosage. In principle, it is recommended to begin with a lower dosage and slowly increase it to determine your favorite value.

Yes. Our CBD Liquids are only available from the age of 18 years. Each customer is examined by an age check.

Q & A

Order & Shipping

Your order has already been dispatched but you have the impression that there are issues with the delivery? Just send us an email to [email protected] Our customer service is more than happy to help you with your query and together we will find a solution.

If you pay via advanced payment you wire the billing amount directly to our bank account. Once we receive the money, your order is packed and shipped to your home. Please note that the money transfer may last 2 days, depending on your personal bank. You find our payment information here.

We sadly don’t offer purchase on account. You may choose between four different payment methods:

Immediate transfer, Paypal, Credit card or prepayment.

The carrier is either Hermes, Landmark or DHL – depending on the country you are ordering from. The shipping to package shops or lockboxes is not possible. We kindly advise you to check your tracking link you will be provided once your package leaves our warehouse, since it might happen that the carrier deposits your order at your nearest post office without leaving you a note.

If the status of your parcel tracking doesn’t change for 7 days, please contact us. We will open a lost parcel case with the carrier and resend your order. If you have noticed something unusual in your tracking status, please inform our customer service.

The easiest way to cancel your order is when it hasn’t been shipped yet. In case it has already been shipped, we must wait until we receive it back. You can either refuse the delivery or send it back to us. Please inform us immediately in case you would like to cancel.

The exchange of your order is only possible when it’s originally packed. We cannot accept the return of any unpacked or used products due to hygienic reasons.