Learn more about our CBD E-Liquid production and get inspired!

Our mission.

Breathe-Organics goal is to produce premium natural e liquids in Germany. We strive for the highest quality, pureness and an unforgettable taste. We aim to gain your trust and therefore offer you full transparency about what we do. Our Liquids are produced in our German laboratory from natural aroma and terpenes.

We only use ingredients in pharmaceutical or food quality from suppliers with adequate certificates. You won’t find any artificial additives, aromas or sweeteners in Breathe-Organics Liquids!

Breathe_Organics Research on Liquids

"Quality, pureness and taste rank first for us." - Lab Manager Marcus, Breathe Organics

What does 100% natural certified quality mean?

Every single step of our production is monitored and every ingredient is delivered by high quality suppliers. The processing is constantly controlled to guarantee a constant quality and taste. We do all that to pursue our mission – to provide you with delicious premium e liquids! (Click here to see certificate)

How are our premium e liquids produced?

As mentioned, we produce our premium e liquids in our German lab with strict quality controls. The extracted CBD and our natural terpenes derive from sustainably grown cannabis plants from Colorado, since the United States are currently pioneer within the cannabis market. The CBD concentrate and the organic terpenes are then dissolved in our base.

We also supervise the concentration of the ingredients and the formula via modern laboratory technology (GC/MS and LC/MS). In order to ensure a unique taste experience, our aromas mellow for 2-3 weeks until the perfect flavor has developed. The ready to vape liquids guarantee a distinctive natural aroma and an outstanding vape generation.